Jobs Opening


Company Overview

Principal/Company: EKAL-Professional Business construction Company.



Salary: SAR1800

Job Description

-Ability to fully wire all power sources.
-Utilizing blueprints or sketches, install electrical wiring, fuse boxes, switches plugs, distribution
panels, and other electrical hardware. Measure, cut, bind, and thread electrical conduits and
wiring to ensure proper routine.
-Modify existing wiring by adding or deleting electrical wiring and hardware according to blue
prints or sketches. Utilize voltmeters, ampere and other test equipment to ensure the modificationor installation has been carried out properly.
-Investigate reports of electrical malfunctions, trouble shoot circuits and hardware to locate cause
of trouble, repair the faulty components or wiring and test the circuitry.
-As required, change major electrical components such as transformers, distribution panels, etc.
-Exercise a knowledge of electrical procedures, ratings and hardware to ensure the proper equip
ment. Is installed in the proper manner.