About Us

Letter from the President

In my line of work, I’m fortunate to meet exceptional people from around the world who continuously lead their company to succeed. From my observation, organizations that constantly perform well leverage their success on constantly employing the right people. With globalization presenting a more demanding challenge for companies to sustain growth, the race to land qualified people has likewise been brought to a different, more complex area.

On the other end, I’ve also been honored to encounter many hard-working, committed and dedicated Filipinos – individuals eager and ready to embrace the opportunity to transform their lives. Known the world over for exceptional adaptability, work ethic, and dedication, the Filipino worker is an excellent addition to any company. We are proud of our people’s success in the international field.

We make it our mission to bridge the gap between outstanding overseas companies and the qualified Filipino. By constantly expanding and redefining our philosophy of total solution, we extend your reach.

Welcome to iPeople. We look forward to being part of your success.

Mr. Gregorio G Garces Jr. (President)

Built on a Solid Foundation

iPeople Manpower Resources is part of the CBC Group of Companies, one of the leading players in the local affordable housing sector. For over 20 years, CBC has been providing residential investments to Filipino families. Acting on the lead of its growing OFW market, CBC ventured in the international recruitment industry with the dual intention of assisting people to work abroad and in turn offer them a secured asset for their hard-earned money.

Backed by a solid corporation, we continue to invest in our resources to provide you an unmatched recruitment service experience. The company is led by a strong team of dedicated professionals who understand the value of providing quality service to its clientele. Our expertise not only lies in providing personnel solutions but in building relationships. When your company depends on you to hire the right people, you can depend on us.

Industries We Serve

We specialize in sourcing and supplying qualified professional, skilled, and semi-skilled Filipinos to overseas clients in the following industries:

  1. Healthcare / Medical
  2. Education
  3. Construction
  4. Oil and gas
  5. Mining
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Corporate (Administration, Finance and Accounting)
  8. IT and technology
  9. Food and beverage
  10. Hospitality
  11. Warehouse and logistics

iPeople continually explores new and profitable markets to penetrate. We work closely with direct employers and partner up with foreign recruitment agencies in actively pursuing market opportunities.

Long-term planning and a lasting partnership

Our clients think of us as their partners. We work closely with them to develop personnel strategies to address the shortage of professional, skilled, and semi-skilled workers in their local labor market. Our clients are more able to meet the complex demands of a global economy with an increase in organizational capabilities. iPeople provides excellent manpower services customized for each company -- so they can focus on their core business.

Local expertise delivers thorough results

Our intimate knowledge of the local market provides us access to a selected pool of talent to match your growing needs. Our candidates undergo tests approved and regulated by the government.

iPeople's expertise is the perfect match

We meticulously assess the needs of both companies and candidates to ensure a complete understanding of the requirements of all key parties. Our comprehensive approach to candidate management ensures not only the most skilled but also the best fit. Qualified workers are hired and go on to successful integration into your organization.

Going Beyond

We give service a new dimension by taking it further: we don’t stop at hiring. iPeople follows up with both employers and candidates to ensure satisfaction on both ends.

All ready. Just turn the key.

Short-listing, evaluation, application, medical examinations, orientation, follow-ups… We manage the entire recruitment process. Our belief in covering everything from end to end means we provide turnkey solutions that are ready from day one.